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Our Resume Promotion Service will maximize your exposure and better your chances of landing a great job! Fill out one simple form and get your resume posted on up to 101 major career web sites. It only takes 15 minutes and saves you several days of research and data entry!

With multiple categories of career sites to choose from, our Resume Posting Service allows you to take a broad ranged or targeted approach. The choice is yours. The good news is we've done all the homework for you. We not only researched and identified the best career sites, but we also standardized all their required information into one easy online form. 

Don't let an opportunity pass you by. Fill out our simple form and:

  • Be seen by up to 1.5 million hiring authorities daily!
  • Get your resume posted instantly on up to 101 career sites.
  • Select our available Confidentiality option.
  • Automatically receive matching jobs in your in-box.
  • See an Online report of where you're posted with “auto-login” links!
  • It's quick and easy to use. Takes only 15 minutes!

Tips for using the Resume Promotion Service 

1)  You will be asked to select your resume posting categories, which are groupings of career sites based on industry. Always select the “General” category, and make sure to select any additional categories that apply to you. To see a list of the career sites in each posting category, click on the “Sites We'll Post You To” link.

2)  Fill out the ENTIRE application, including sections that may already be in the resume you paste into the application. Every section is utilized by the career sites!

3)  Upon submission you will receive a few e-mails which will confirm your order, give you instructions on how the features work, and explain how to get the most from our service. Please take a moment to read these emails. 

4)  Keep in mind that while this service will maximize your exposure on-line and increase your possible job opportunities, it is not a guaranteed way to find a job. Factors such as timing, desired job title, market demand, geography, experience & salary requirements all can affect an online job search. Some customers see great results quickly; others see no results at all. However all customers save time and get maximum internet exposure.

5)  Remember, this service is here to work in the background for you, complimenting your other efforts, and allowing you to focus on portions of your search outside the internet. If there is a hiring authority using the internet to find someone with your specific background, your chances of connecting will increase due to the maximum exposure you will soon have on the career sites.

6)  Once you’ve used this service, check your Job-Mail often. Follow up on job leads quickly. This service will make it quick and easy to visit many career sites and execute searches. Make sure to spend the time you save on other aspects of your job search. Good Luck!  

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